This is what the Lord says: “Do not learn the ways of the Nations or be terrified by Signs in the Heavens, though the nations are terrified by them." ~ Jeremiah 10:2
How To Repel UFO's and Aliens!

Guardian UFO in Canada 1989.

Shot in England, similar ones have been reported worldwide - HAARP?

Video shot in Mexico, date and location unknown - but the footage itself is quite stunning. The UFO is clearly seen to be passing by a small Mexican town at quite a low altitude, and was witnessed by many people as it glided smoothly across the daytime sky in full view.

Similar circle of light in the sky filmed by a different person somewhere else is this a HAARP experiment as well?

Amazing Fireball in Norway

Shuttle Clip

UFO daylight video from Roger Beard filmed in Henderson Nevada, USA in 1991.

STS 97 clip from Space

Film footage from Apollo16 - A strange saucer is captured on film while astronaut John W. Young is filming out the window.

Space Shuttle Discovery Nov 14 1984

UFO video recorded by Mike Hawkins at Redfish Florida.This video shows a very interesting drone type object silently hovering over the Florida water. The tape says there was over 1 hour of footage of this thing.This clip was also featured on the Fox video "UFO'S Best Evidence."

This one is a very short clip from Lowerstoft England. Not much is known about this clip, but it is quite convincing. You can clearly see the strange light moving across the sky at quite a impressive speed. A rose is seen in the foregroung which gives some sort of sense of scale to how far away the object actually is.

This footage is rumoured to have been sneaked out of Area 51 by a worker! The picture and sound quality is o.k, and some on screen instruments are present throughout. At one point the instrument's appear to show the craft move a vast distance, of many mile's in a matter of second's. No known man-made airplane could pull off this kind of accelaration without crushing the piolt's like pancake's. Also the erratic movement's of the craft display's very advanced technology.

This good video footage was captured off the local FOX news station. You can clearly see 3 stationary objects in the sky, however they could just be meteors, or space debris burning up in the earths atmosphere.

In some mountains in Japan

One of the most famous UFO clips in the world. Many different lights can be seen in the sky together, and they were witnessed by thousands of people on the ground. Many people seem to think UFO's could be some sort of electric charge being ommitted from the ground when earthquakes are close. This video was taken just before a lot of earth tremors happened in the early 90's.

Illinois UFO 1-5-2000, 1

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Illinois UFO 1-5-2000, 2

Edgar Mitchell: Life in Space

Illinois UFO 1-5-2000, 3

Majestic-12 documents

Vandenburg AFB UFO

UFO shapes

Top-secret documents

Friedman: 1st Roswell Paper

Sightings: Bentwaters Report

Bentwaters Report (2)

UFO Weapons

Las Vegas Crash

Alien Autopsy

Chile, Peru

Lt. Corso on UFOs

Drake on UFOs

Istanbul, Turkey UFO

Astronaut Sightings

Bearden on UFOs

Belgian UFOs

Dr. Greer on UFOs

Eisenhower Aide on UFOs

FDR Crew on UFOs

Gordon Cooper on UFOs

Idaho UFOs


Iran UFOs (1)

Iran UFOs (2)

Kaufman on Roswell

Kecksburg Crash

Wales UFO Crash

1962 Mars Landing

McDill UFOs

UPN on the Moon

US Navy on UFOs

US Air Force on UFOs

Nazi UFOs

Ragsdale on Roswell

Ruwa, Zimbabwe UFO (1)

Ruwa, Zimbabwe UFO (2)

Shag Harbor Crash (1)

Shag Harbor Crash (2)

Russian UFO Sightings

Tunguska Explosion 1908

Carp, Canada Crash

Eastern Siberia UFO

Star City Encounter

Seti's Big WOW!

Hangar 18

Nellis Test Range

American West Encounter

1952 Washington, DC Wave

Edwards AFB Incident

UFOs in Spain

1996 Brazilian UFO

Kenneth Arnold 1947

Malmstrom UFO Incident

Smith/Sarbacher Report

STS-73 Sighting

Desert Crash

Greeny Mtn Colorado Sighting

Mexico UFO

UPN UFO Report

Voronezh, Russia UFO

Cydonia, Mars Report (1)

Cydonia, Mars Report (2)

We're not the ONLY creatures

Seti UFO Briefing

UFO flies at camera

Lost Creek Clip

Billy Meier Clip 5

UFO over Trees

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